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Tonerro provides A to Z voice termination services across the world at competitive rates and high quality. Our technical facilities make it possible to set up the interconnection both through VoIP and TDM technologies.

We constantly test our suppliers and monitor the traffic in order to provide our customers with the best quality services available. Our quality of service is measurable through benchmarks like Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR), Average Call Duration (ACD) and Post Dial Delay (PDD).

We strive to meet the right balance between quality and price of our products. Hence we offer you two types of products to choose from: Standard and Premium!

Standard A-Z

We offer A to Z voice termination services through our least cost routing (LCR) based mechanism, at an excellent price and regular quality checks through our Standard product to those customers who are looking for a competitive price. Our Standard Product is primarily for wholesale voice carriers and all price-conscious customers.

Premium A-Z

We offer A to Z voice termination services through our quality based routing (QBR) mechanism with the right combination of price and quality through our Premium Product offerings. This option is primarily for our Fixed Carriers, Wholesale carriers and Pre-paid operators providing exceptional and uncompromising quality at the most affordable prices.

• High quality retail termination is guaranteed.

• Availability of A-Z Routes with highest quality at all times is guaranteed.

• CLI, FAX and DTMF features are guaranteed.


We offer both standard voice services and premium voice services to our customers. Standard voice is a combination of a minimal rate and optimal quality for wholesale providers. Premium services are provided via Direct Routes and a carefully selected supplier base.
IP PBX Service meets the needs of a diverse and mobile workforce with a flexible model. Our technicians configure the clients’ systems according to their specifications. It's a process that starts with a good plan and continues by fulfilling the clients’ expectations.
The service is underway. Coming soon.

Competitive advantages

• Quality Driven Team

• Dedicated 24/7 NOC

• Professional Sales Force

• Direct Interconnection Routes

• Traffic Swap Deals

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