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Tonerro’s Voice Hubbing service provides high voice quality, quick interconnection time, and termination into any country in the world. Our VoIP solutions with continuous search for telecommunication progress, makes it possible for operators to provide protected, competitive, and superior voice services. Our network is interoperable with VoIP equipment from leading vendors. Our own monitoring system, along with our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24/7 network monitoring and quality control, solving the problems on the spot. Agreements with the world's leading carriers and our state-of-the-art toolkits allow us to provide intelligent, real time routing that ensures premium quality at highly competitive rates. We constantly test our suppliers in order to provide our customers with the best quality services available. Tonerro continuously works on creating a solid ground for a mutually beneficial collaboration.

In addition to voice services Tonerro provides IP PBX service that delivers cost-effective, feature-rich solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Each Company will be satisfied with prices and quality of service that Tonerro offers.

Staying faithful to its commitments and intelligence Tonerro focuses on service beyond expectation.

Voice hubbing

We offer both standard voice services and premium voice services to our customers. Standard voice is a combination of a minimal rate and optimal quality for wholesale providers.

Premium services are provided via Direct Routes and a carefully selected supplier base. A wide-ranging product portfolio is available for our Carriers providing exceptional and un-compromising quality at the most affordable prices and flexible payment terms.

• High quality retail termination is guaranteed.

• Availability of A-Z Routes with highest quality at all times is guaranteed.

• CLI, FAX and DTMF features are guaranteed.

We ensure that the routing table is made in accordance with QoS and robust quality Statistics i.e. ACD, ASR, PDD which helps us in catering to our clientele needs and demands.


Enterprises need more diverse and complex voice services than ever before and that is why Tonerro has focused on making the deployment and management of flexible voice services simple and easy. We can expand your capabilities to ensure employees have the voice services they need to be productive in the office, at home and on the go. IP PBX Service meets the needs of a diverse and mobile workforce with a flexible model. Tonerro is ready to use our expertise in voice to ensure that your employees are always connected and have the highest quality voice services. We can adjust to meet your organization’s specific needs. The best IP-PBX installations start with a good plan for implementation. Our technicians will configure your system to your specifications. We will set up the extension numbers with their associated users and configure your dial plan for outbound calling. The (IVR) auto-attendant and other call treatments (hunt groups, etc) are also pre-configured before the actual installation, which helps expedite the process. We survey your premise so that we know beforehand the best way to complete the job. But, it doesn't end there. We will train you on your new IP-PBX phone system and show you how to use its features. We will demonstrate how intuitive our IP web based control panel is, which allows you to have control over your system's feature sets. It's a process that starts with a good plan and continues by fulfilling your expectations.

Retail VoIP

This Service is underway. Coming soon


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Competitive advantages

• Quality Driven Team

• Dedicated 24/7 NOC

• Professional Sales Force

• Direct Interconnection Routes

• Traffic Swap Deals

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